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Welcome to Live with Lacey, LLC. This company provides individuals and groups an unique opportunity to develop a plan of action to change behavior, drive change, and cultivate relationships. 

Past Attendees and Clients

“I want to thank you again for such a mind opening workshop. You really opened by eyes to a new yet very effective approach to communication.” - Past workshop attendee

“I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have taught me. You definitely went above and beyond to teach me lifelong lessons that I will never forget. The tools you have provided me with have been very effective in eery aspect of my life. I am so blessed to have met you. Thank you!” - Past student

“I am so thankful to have been selected as an intern, but even more grateful to have had the guidance of Lacey Harris throughout the experience. I, like nearly all of her students, have such a strong admiration and adoration for her. She is the perfect combination of professional, goof, and most importantly, a realness about her that allows her students to open up to her, and feel safe and happy when they walk into her classroom.” - Past intern

“It was very obvious to me that you have a great passion for what you are teaching. You very adeptly allowed us to form relationships with others and with you. I was absolutely blessed to be able to attend this session with you, and am anxious to refer others to do the same. Thank you again for sharing your heart with us.” 

“You teach us to listen, appreciate others, be genuine in our meaning, create safety, reduce/eliminate defensiveness and deflection, ask real questions, be aware of our own actions, give and receive legitimate compliments… all things that relate to basic human decency.”

“Harris’ class was the first class that I have ever attended that the entire class was sad that it was ending. I, personally, have never seen a professor move that many students before.” 

“I would like to reiterate how influential Lacey has been in my life as an individual in this world.”

Consulting Options Available:

Corporate Consulting designed for organizations, school systems, teams, and companies to focus on how to create a better environment for everyone involved. 

Dispute Consulting designed for organizations, school systems, teams, and companies who need to reboot their process during crisis or to prevent conflict.  

Individual Consulting Sessions to focus on individual change. 


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